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Pop-up pantries

As part of our work supporting the food agenda in Bradford this year we have been working to address the issues of affordable food.

Foodbanks do a fantastic job in offering, typically, a three-day pack of food for those in crisis. We wanted to support this work further and to introduce the social supermarket or pop up pantry model to Bradford.

As well as our own social supermarket (above), several of our partners have now adopted this model, which gives customers freedom of choice and dignity, as well as the flexibility to join a Credit Union.

Early feedback shows us that the membership scheme is helping to restore people’s sense of dignity. One lady was in tears as she told the project manager, “I feel like I can chose my own food and feed my family this week. This means so much to me.”

Although the pandemic has brought chaos and uncertainty, it has really highlighted the need for a wider food strategy. We believe that everyone has the right to affordable food. What we have now is a platform to work on a food system based on affordable, sustainable, local and culturally sensitive food. #FoodforHealthnotWealth