About us

Inn Churches provides practical support to those who need it most across Bradford. We work with over 100 other community groups and organisations, and have more than 850 volunteers from 70 churches and the wider community in Bradford.

Our Winter Shelter provides emergency bed spaces for people who are homeless, over the coldest months of the year. We have provided over 10,000 bed spaces to people without any accommodation since we started. We work throughout the year to provide permanent and lasting change in the lives of guests we have hosted and others, giving practical support to keep some of the most vulnerable people across Bradford warm and healthy. Alongside this we provide Welfare Support to our guests and others who are homeless or vulnerably housed.

Our Storehouse Food Hub works to tackle food poverty through intercepting, storing and distributing surplus food to community groups across Bradford, providing fresh fruit and vegetables on a pay-as-you-feel basis. Through our Cooking Hub we turn some of that unwanted food into healthy and delicious meals in our pay-as-you-feel café, as well as providing food and healthy eating education to schools, community groups and individuals.

Our HBUK brand is a small range of ethical products and opportunities which raise funds for our work, as well as directly supporting people who need it the most.

Our objectives

Inn Churches is a registered charity (#1149792). Our charitable objectives are:

  1. the prevention or relief of poverty in west Yorkshire by the provision of emergency and other accommodation, advice and assistance for persons in need who are deemed homeless.
  2. to provide grants, items and services to individuals in need, or to other charities or organisations working to prevent or relieve poverty, as the trustees see fit.
  3. to promote the physical and mental health of homeless men and women through the provision of shelter, financial assistance, support, education and practical advice.
  4. to advance the education of the public and volunteers in the subject of drug awareness, homelessness and other related subjects.
  5. promoting social inclusion for those excluded or marginalised from society because of social or economic disadvantage.
  6. the furtherance of other such purposes as are exclusively charitable under the laws of England and Wales, as the trustees shall from time to time determine.

Who we help

Inn Churches helps a wide range of people across the Bradford District. We are a Christian charity but our support is available to those of all faiths or none, and we do not initiate conversations about faith. We support people of any race or nationality, with or without recourse to public funds.

People who are homeless or vulnerably housed

From December to March, our Winter Shelter offers temporary accommodation in local churches to males and females who find themselves homeless, as well as advice and assistance in moving on to more permanent accommodation, and starter packs containing household essentials and bedding to individuals moving into their own tenancies from the streets.

We may also be able to offer advice and support to those who are vulnerably housed to help them remain in their homes, and to keep them warm and healthy through our Warm Homes Healthy People provision of bedding.

We can also signpost to a range of other organisations if our own provision is not appropriate or unable to help.

People who are struggling to feed themselves healthily

We are not a foodbank, so those requiring emergency food parcels should seek assistance from their local foodbank.

Our Food Hub provides food to charities and community organisations across Bradford, who are working with a huge variety of different communities and groups, including refugees and asylum seekers, elderly people, children and young people, those fleeing domestic abuse, families, single parents, people with mental health difficulties, local communities and many other contexts. This provision is accessed through our partner organisations, although we are able to signpost people to many of them.

We also provide healthy meals through our pay-as-you-feel café, which are accessible to all.

People in this place doing an amazing job for homeless people. This people I tell you have a BIG heart… BIG patience honestly BIG heart.


Thank you so much for everything. I would have died out there.


When I lost my job I had no money to pay my rent. The Day Shelter told me about the project. The first time I came I found everyone really friendly. They asked me if I was hungry and gave me something to drink. I have had a bed every night since the 3rd of January. Without the project I would have been hungry, cold and probably very ill. They have been very gentle, they have helped me in many ways. Having people around me gives me good spirit. I thank you all very much and God Bless. If it were not for Inn Churches I would still have been sleeping in the blue bin outside Natwest Bank.



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