Welfare Support

Inn Churches works throughout the year to support the guests who have visited our Winter Shelter, as well as other homeless and vulnerable people around Bradford.

We actively pursue finding pathways which enable guests to access the services they need and to move them from the street into sustainable independent living. When desired, we try to connect them with local churches or community services to help them integrate as quickly as possible into their new environment.

Support is tailored to meet the needs of the individual, with a focus on improving health and wellbeing, and we work closely with partner agencies and organisations. Support and help available could include:

  • accessing health services
  • assistance with benefit claims or grant applications
  • help with housing and tenancy issues
  • accessing debt advice
  • assistance with training and volunteering opportunities
  • provision of bedding, household equipment, emergency food or small grants
  • any other presenting issues.

The aim of the service is to support individuals in reaching the services that best meet their needs and improve their health and wellbeing.

Starter packs

Starter packs are for people moving into tenancies from hostels or the streets, and contain bedding and household items.

More information about Starter Packs.

Acts435 grants

Acts435 grants are small crowd-funded grants of up to £120 towards household equipment, white goods, furnishings, debt relief order fees or other specific and urgent needs. Because they are crowd funded, they may not be fulfilled immediately or at all.

More information about Acts435 grants.

Winter Shelter

We work throughout the year to support guests at our Winter Shelter, and other people who are homeless, into longer term accommodation.

More information about our Winter Shelter.

Get in touch

For further details of any of these services, please contact our Welfare Support team.