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Our aim is to empower, educate and inspire as many people as possible to cook great tasting healthy food for themselves and their families, helping them to understand:

  • healthy eating
  • food safety in the kitchen
  • a range of different cooking methods
  • how to improve their cooking skills
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…whilst having fun and meeting new friends!

Our courses are fun, friendly and welcoming. They are suitable for complete beginners, people with all abilities, people who already enjoy cooking and people who are yet to be convinced.

Our kids’ cooking classes are usually for kids aged 7-15, although occasionally we run mini-kids sessions for children aged 4-7. Our adult courses are for age 15 upwards.

We run courses and workshops for community groups and schools, as well as open access sessions that anybody can book on, ensuring that anybody can get hands-on cooking experience, combined with friendly advice on recipes, ingredients, shopping and nutrition, local and seasonal food.

We’ve also partnered with Jamie’s Ministry of Food to deliver fun and friendly classes with delicious Ministry of Food recipes.

What we offer

Get inspired about cooking and learn new recipes and cooking skills with our Jamie’s Ministry of Food cooking workshops.

We run workshops from our teaching kitchen, Jude’s Urban Kitchen and Cookery School, at our Shaw House venue.

Each workshop lasts around an hour and a half and teaches a single recipe. You will learn about food and about cooking and take home your finished healthy nutritious dish.

All equipment and ingredients are provided and workshops are £7 each. We recommend booking early as classes often fill up.

You can see our next workshops at the bottom of the page.

Get your kids inspired about cooking with our Jamie’s Ministry of Food kids’ cooking workshops.

Each workshop lasts around two hours and teaches a single recipe, with your kids learning about food and about cooking and taking home their finished healthy nutritious dish to share with the family.

Children must be aged 4-7 years or 7-15 years inclusive (depending on the workshop), and must be accompanied by an adult at all times. We recommend booking in advance as classes often fill up.

All equipment and ingredients are provided and workshops are usually £7 each.

Thanks to support from the Department for Education’s Holiday Activities with Food Programme, free places are available to those eligible for free school meals.

If you have any questions about our workshops, or would like to discuss bespoke classes, please do get in touch.

You can see our next workshops at the bottom of the page.

We are passionate about teaching children and young people about food and believe that food preparation is a great way to develop confidence and skills which can be transferred to other areas of learning.

We’d love to give your teaching staff a helping hand with any food-related topic, whether it’s a one-off talk around a specific curriculum subject, or a hands-on workshop for pupils and parents. We can deliver classes both at school and in our fully-equipped kitchen at Jude’s Urban Kitchen and Cookery School, Shaw House. We can also provide training for your teachers.

Jamie’s Ministry of Food courses

Children who learn to cook are hungrier for healthier choices.

Jamie Oliver

Cooking @ The Storehouse has also teamed up with Jamie’s Ministry of Food to offer the Jamie’s Ministry of Food eight-week cooking programme, with shorter courses also available. The offer is open to pupils, parents and teachers, so why not cook together?

Courses and workshops start at £150 (at school), or £7 per student (at Shaw House), for a two-hour session. For more information or to make a booking enquiry, please download the information sheet or contact us.

We offer fun tasty encounters, using fresh locally-sourced ingredients and our own recipes. The perfect venue to host a team building event or birthday celebration. Whether it is small team of employees, family or friends this workshop will be tailored to your needs. There’s honestly no better team activity than cooking and eating a great meal together.

Workshops are from one and a half hours to half a day and start from £10 per person.

We also love to get involved in community events teaching cooking skills and getting people enthused about good food and local suppliers, with our Jamie’s Ministry of Food demonstrations and workshops, so do get in touch if you’d like us to deliver a workshop at your event.

Our friendly trained staff and volunteers provide all of their own equipment, encourage audience participation and are great at engaging with people of all ages.

The Ministry of Food eight-week cooking programme is for groups of up to eight people, from eight years old. Whether you are an absolute beginner or a more adventurous cook, whether you belong to an organisation, a community group, a school or university, or you are simply a member of the public, we will welcome you.

You will meet at the same time each week for eight 1½ hour lessons. We will provide all the ingredients and equipment, and at the end of each session you can take home a delicious dish that you cooked yourself. Each week there will be a different nutritional message and exciting recipes for you to learn.

Learn about…Cook…
Week 1: IntroductionThe balanced plate.Poached egg, omelettes and one-cup pancakes.
Week 2: ChickenThe five food groups and knife skills.Chicken breast with crispy posh ham and lemony green beans, or chicken fajitas with homemade guacamole and salsa.
Week 3: SoupUnderstanding salt and reading labels.Soup: tomato, lentil and spinach, pea and mint, superb squash or minestrone.
Week 4: MeatSaturated fat and protein.Meatballs and pasta, or a cracking burger with Caesar on the lighter side.
Week 5: FishThe difference between good and bad fats.Spicy Moroccan stewed fish, or teriyaki-glazed salmon.
Week 6: VeggiesFive-a-day and the importance of wholegrains.Vegetable chilli with light and fluffy rice, or tomato and basil / pea and herb risotto.
Week 7: PizzaPortion sizes.Basic pizza dough with tomato sauce.
Week 8: BakingUnderstanding sugar.Homemade scones with fruit compote, or best ever fruit crumble.

Groups are usually 6-8 people and are good fun, with a ‘no pressure’ approach. Our team is passionate about cooking and your cooking confidence will increase with each visit. By the end of the course you will have learnt some great skills and fantastic recipes, and had a lot of fun!

The whole course costs just £56 per person, which includes the necessary ingredients and equipment to make fantastic dishes each week. For some courses, individual sessions are available at £7 each.

Please contact us if you’d like to arrange a course.

From source to supplier, corner café to five-star hotel, every business requires a set of rules which it must adhere to in order to maintain high standards of food safety and integrity. These principles can vary from company to company, but all aim to ensure that the quality and safety of food products, whether they are being stored, handled, prepared or served. This is not only to ensure the safety of those who will be consuming the food, but also that government regulations are being adhered to.

In addition to the danger to public health, there are large fines in place for non-compliance, alongside the risk to the success and reputation of your business. It is therefore essential that you, and the people that you work with, are equipped with the right skills and knowledge.

Good hygiene and safety can also help individuals in the kitchen as they prepare food for themselves or their families.

Our food safety courses are designed to promote the highest of food safety standards and complement the guidelines issued by the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

Inn Churches has been a registered CIEH course provider for many years with Juli, Soraya and Julie all qualified to delivery Food Hygiene Courses. You can get food hygiene certificates online, but with our many years of experience we feel that an in-person course provides you, your staff and volunteers with a much broader understanding of the principles of food safety. We can teach and test Introductory Food Safety (level 1), Foundation Food Safety (level 2) and Intermediate Food Safety (level 3), with workbooks and certificates included.

We also offer our own bespoke courses and training sessions in all aspects of nutrition.

Get in touch with us for more details.

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