Starter Packs

Starter Packs are for people moving into tenancies from hostels or the streets, and contain bedding and household items. They help give guests moving on from our Winter Shelter, and other individuals moving from short-term hostels or rough sleeping, a brand new start and a brighter future.

Many new tenancies fail in the initial stages because of a lack of financial resources that provide the basic household items that sustain tenants in their new property. Think of trying to keep a flat clean when you can’t afford basic cleaning products, trying to cook without any pots and pans, or getting a good nights sleep when you can’t afford bedding. Our Starter Packs help people with a few starter items to help make their move into independent living in a house or flat much less of a struggle, and to get them through the often difficult transition period when there is very little or no support available.

The guests we help have come from difficult and often chaotic backgrounds, but with support they can overcome the issues of their past and make a success of their new lives. By providing household essentials such as crockery, towels, bedding and a kettle, starter packs can help turn their house into a home.

How to access this support

We accept referrals for Starter Packs from any of our referral agency partners. They can make a referral online.

Please note that Starter Packs are funded by charitable giving and therefore we are only able to offer them to single individuals moving off the streets.

If you are an individual who might benefit from this service, please contact us to be put in touch with a suitable referral agency.

Once a successful referral has been confirmed, they must be collected from The Storehouse by the referring agent (not the applicant).