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Social Supermarket open

We’re delighted to have opened our new social supermarket at the ‘top of town’.

twenty two Shaw House is our new social supermarket, which stocks a selection of fresh, tinned, dried and ambient products, plus toiletries, cleaning and household products, just like a corner shop.

Membership costs £6 per week and allows members to take home a good basketful of produce every week, plus other benefits including a Credit Union savings account and access to advice drop-in sessions, discounts and cookery classes.

Referral is by voucher, issued by one of Inn Churches’ referral agencies (In Communities, Neesie, Social Services). Individuals can also self-refer on 01274 270770.

Organisations wanting to register as referral agencies should contact Juli on

Shaw House is the former Bradford Brewery / Eyes Brewery building on Westgate, above the Oastler Shopping Centre and The Bazaar. As well as our social supermarket, the building also houses Jude’s Urban Kitchen, our new cookery school and café (although the café won’t be opening until restrictions ease).