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Food Challenge 21

Could you feed your whole household for a week for just £21?

This is the typical amount that families in crisis have to spend on their weekly food shop, and for just one week, the Rotary Club of Bradford Bronte is asking you to do the same. You are invited you to take up the challenge of spending just £21 on your weekly shop and donating the money you save to support our ground-breaking low-cost food work.

Food Challenge 21 starts on Sunday 21 March 2021.

We’re aiming to get more than 100 people to take on the challenge and get just a taste of what it’s like to survive on £21, to support those who have to every week. All donations from Food Challenge 21 will go to support the work of our food hub, which gives guests the freedom of choice and dignity to buy their weekly shop at low cost, without relying on handouts. 

With tears of relief, one guest told the project manager,

I feel like I can choose my own food and feed my family this week. This means so much to me.

Please sign up using the form below, to receive full details of the challenge, resources to help, and ideas for ways to spend as little as possible on food and still eat healthily.

You can donate the money you have saved online and it will go straight to our food hub work.