Welfare support referral form

Please use this referral form to refer individuals into our Starter Pack or Acts435 services.

Referrals must be made by one of our recognised referral agencies. If you would like to discuss becoming a recognised referral agency, please contact Ben before making a referral.

More information about services:

Acts435 support aims to crowd-fund support for people of up to £150 towards specific household equipment, white goods, furnishings, essential furniture, court or debt relief order fees, clothing or other specific needs. We accept referrals for individuals or families who are (or have recently been) homeless or vulnerably housed - for example those moving from homelessness into a property, or those who need items such as beds or white goods which most people would expect to have in their home, but they cannot afford. Acts435 is a Christian charity which matches people who want to give money, with those in ...
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Starter Packs are for people moving into tenancies from hostels or the streets, and contain bedding and household items. They help give guests moving on from our Winter Shelter, and other individuals moving from short-term hostels or rough sleeping, a brand new start and a brighter future. Many new tenancies fail in the initial stages because of a lack of financial resources that provide the basic household items that sustain tenants in their new property. Think of trying to keep a flat clean when you can’t afford basic cleaning products, trying to cook without any pots and pans, or getting ...
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Warm Homes Healthy People is a free service which helps people who are homeless, vulnerable or poorly housed to keep warm, through information and advice, emergency practical support and small energy efficiency measures. Warm Homes Healthy People usually operates from October to March each year, dependent on funding. What is available Through a number of voluntary and community organisations, eligible households are able to access: repairs to existing heating systemsemergency heatingbedding, clothing and emergency foodadvice on energy bills, grants and discountsadvice on heatingdebt and benefits advicehome energy checksenergy efficiency measures such as light bulbs, draught-proofing and lagging. Inn Churches delivers ...
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Important notes

Please note that Starter Packs and Acts435 crowd-funding are only available once each to any individual, and if a referral is accepted it must be collected / processed by the referral agency and not the person being referred.

Starter Packs

Starter Packs are funded by charitable giving and therefore we are only able to offer them to single individuals moving from rough sleeping or temporary shelters/hostels to their own tenancies.

Once a successful referral has been confirmed, the Starter Pack must be collected from The Storehouse by you as the referring agent (not the applicant themselves).

Referrals can take up to ten days to be processed: referrals made by Thursday morning will usually be processed for collection from the following Tuesday. Referrals after then will usually not be processed until the following week.

You will be notified when your pack is ready to collect – please do not try to collect before then. Collections should be made during office opening hours and we recommend contacting the office to check that somebody will be there, before collecting.

Starter Packs must be collected within two weeks of being notified or you will have to make a new referral.


Acts435 referrals should be for a specific, costed, item (or items), up to £150 for a high-value costed item (eg. large furniture, white goods) or £100 for other items. If you are applying for money towards a larger cost you must have the rest of the funds secured first. Please cost your item(s) and apply for the actual amount required (up to the maximum above), rather than simply applying for the maximum amount, to be fair to other applicants. Not following these guidelines will delay your application.

You, as the referral agency, will be responsible for ensuring that the money is spent promptly on the item requested and receipts provided for the full amount. This is a condition of the funds being awarded and failure to provide a receipt may result in the funds being withdrawn.

We usually only process one Acts435 referral per referrer at a time, and we do not take referrals for bonds or rent payments.

Acts435 is a crowdfunding service and is not guaranteed. Successful funding usually takes at least 3 weeks to obtain, and may be up to 5 (or not at all).

The referral

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    Diversity monitoring

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