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FoodSavers: real savings

FoodSavers members have saved over £4,000 in Credit Union accounts – with staff and volunteers more than doubling that total. That’s an average of £29 per FoodSavers member in difficult financial circumstances which has been put away for a rainy day, a Christmas present, a little treat or a missing essential.

Chart showing FoodSavers savings: £4,308 saved by 148 members, £29 per saver.

FoodSavers offers high quality fresh and store cupboard food for a low weekly membership fee, at locations across Bradford. Much of our food is unwanted or surplus food, intercepted from being wasted. Membership also gives the opportunity to attend cookery classes, save in a recognised Credit Union scheme, and enjoy other benefits, dependent on location.

FoodSavers members pay around £6 per week for their shopping, of which £1 can be put into a Credit Union savings account in their name. Members can also top up their savings at any time.

There are currently ten FoodSavers outlets in Bradford, which will double in the next year.