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Tales from the Shelter


25th November 2019

“Today starts our 11th Winter Shelter. This year we have 19 hosting churches working towards a #betterbradford by sharing bed, breakfast and evening meals with the homeless. Over 900 volunteers with another 70 new ones trained this season. Bradford is amazing and full of wonderful people with the heart to help. Tonight’s shelter is set up and we are waiting for guests to arrive. They will be having pasta, chicken and vegetables all home made. The food is always filling and hearty. In fact some guests have gained weight staying in shelters. To those of you who support our work we will try and give regular updates on the shelters. Please note for confidentiality we cannot answer questions about individual guests.”

26th November 2019

“2nd night of the shelter. #Talesfromtheshelter we are FULL! Sadly had more referrals than bed spaces. Tonight the guests will be having hot drinks on arrival and then tucking in to chilli and rice. Last night they started with the games challenges! I am hearing there are special rules in the shelter for playing snakes and ladders! If anyone has any Jenga or Scrabble games they would be willing to donate please let us know!

We have been at a conference today and were blown away how much faith groups contribute to the positive impact of the homeless sector.

A HUGE thanks to Phil Lee who is planning to kit out all our guests in new clothes by doing a scary SAS challenge.”

6th December 2019

“Humble, Grateful and thankful do not describe adequately how I feel for all these wonderful churches and volunteers opening their doors and hearts to vulnerable people in this awful weather. I have just had a referral for a girl the same age and name as my daughters. As a Mum I could not conceive of my children sleeping out in this weather so happy that we can bring her in and love on her and look after her. Call me sentimental but today is 18 years to the day my Mum died and I am feeling emotional that a young girl could find herself without a home.”

8th December 2019

#Talesfromtheshelter so tonight Jonny from Pizza1 at Burley has provided our guests with 19 pizzas! A huge thank you for your generosity Jonny!”

Image credit: St Philip’s Girlington