Nominate us now

Nominate us now

Ecclesiastical Insurance are currently running a ’12 days of giving’ programme, whereby they will support 120 projects with £1,000 of funding each.

The funding giveaway is run as a prize draw, with the more nominations a charity receives counting for more entries into the prize draw. Therefore the more people nominate us, the more chance we have of winning £1,000.

With our Winter Shelter running for 19 weeks this year (the most ever), and demand for our food services predicted to increase over the next year, every bit of funding is vital for us – we manage to do a lot with a little, but we still need that ‘little’!

So please consider nominating us. Simply visit the 12days site, enter our charity number (1149792), complete the rest of the details (we’re a ‘Poverty’ charity) and submit your nomination.

Every nomination counts, so please do lend us your support.

Please note that our warehouse, café and offices are restricted to visitors. More details