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Donate food online

Many people who might have donated food to us or to foodbanks before the pandemic hit haven’t been able to do so as easily with lockdown restrictions and changes in shopping behaviour.

We’re delighted that you can now donate food to us at any time wherever you are, via Bankuet.

The vast majority of our food is donated by suppliers and wholesalers from good quality surplus or unwanted stock. However, because we can’t guarantee what we are going to get each week, and we’re supporting feeding projects who sometimes have quite specific needs, sometimes we have to top up the donated food with some purchased items.

By donating to us via Bankuet, you allow us to source an amount of food greater than the value you have donated, meaning that your donation goes further. They do this by pooling resources, bulk purchasing and negotiating discounts. We also get to choose the items we need each week which gives us greater flexibility to support varying feeding projects across Bradford.