Eight-week Jamie’s Ministry of Food course

The Ministry of Food eight-week cooking programme is for groups of up to eight people, from eight years old. Whether you are an absolute beginner or a more adventurous cook, whether you belong to an organisation, a community group, a school or university, or you are simply a member of the public, we will welcome you.

You will meet at the same time each week for eight 1½ hour lessons. We will provide all the ingredients and equipment, and at the end of each session you can take home a delicious dish that you cooked yourself. Each week there will be a different nutritional message and exciting recipes for you to learn.

Learn about…Cook…
Week 1: IntroductionThe balanced plate.Poached egg, omelettes and one-cup pancakes.
Week 2: ChickenThe five food groups and knife skills.Chicken breast with crispy posh ham and lemony green beans, or chicken fajitas with homemade guacamole and salsa.
Week 3: SoupUnderstanding salt and reading labels.Soup: tomato, lentil and spinach, pea and mint, superb squash or minestrone.
Week 4: MeatSaturated fat and protein.Meatballs and pasta, or a cracking burger with Caesar on the lighter side.
Week 5: FishThe difference between good and bad fats.Spicy Moroccan stewed fish, or teriyaki-glazed salmon.
Week 6: VeggiesFive-a-day and the importance of wholegrains.Vegetable chilli with light and fluffy rice, or tomato and basil / pea and herb risotto.
Week 7: PizzaPortion sizes.Basic pizza dough with tomato sauce.
Week 8: BakingUnderstanding sugar.Homemade scones with fruit compote, or best ever fruit crumble.

Groups are usually 6-8 people and are good fun, with a ‘no pressure’ approach. Our team is passionate about cooking and your cooking confidence will increase with each visit. By the end of the course you will have learnt some great skills and fantastic recipes, and had a lot of fun!

The whole course costs just £56 per person, which includes the necessary ingredients and equipment to make fantastic dishes each week. For some courses, individual sessions are available at £7 each.

Please contact us if you’d like to arrange a course.