Schools packages

We are passionate about teaching children and young people about food and believe that food preparation is a great way to develop confidence and skills which can be transferred to other areas of learning.

We’d love to give your teaching staff a helping hand with any food-related topic, whether it’s a one-off talk around a specific curriculum subject, or a hands-on workshop for pupils and parents. We can deliver classes both at school and in our fully-equipped kitchen at Jude’s Urban Kitchen and Cookery School, Shaw House. We can also provide training for your teachers.

Jamie’s Ministry of Food courses

Children who learn to cook are hungrier for healthier choices.

Jamie Oliver

Cooking @ The Storehouse has also teamed up with Jamie’s Ministry of Food to offer the Jamie’s Ministry of Food eight-week cooking programme, with shorter courses also available. The offer is open to pupils, parents and teachers, so why not cook together?

Courses and workshops start at £150 (at school), or £7 per student (at Shaw House), for a two-hour session. For more information or to make a booking enquiry, please download the information sheet or contact us.