When does Inn Churches operate?

Our Winter Shelter is open from December until the end of March, however, we work with our homeless guests to support them and find them accommodation all year round through our Welfare Management service. Our Storehouse and Storehouse Café and our other services operate all year round.

Why do you call your clients guests?

The terms “service users” and “clients” connote a statutory service. We welcome people in, make room for them and treat them with hospitality as we would in our own homes.

Do you find your guests jobs?

We don’t find people jobs, but when they are on unemployment benefits we can support them in dealing with job centres so that they can find work. We can also assist them in finding voluntary work. Many of our guests suffer from conditions that severely limit their employability and have doctors verification. We encourage these individuals in finding purposeful activity and ways to serve in the community.

Are there any rules for guests?

Illegal substances cannot be used on the premises and alcohol must not be brought on site. The rules are made clear to guests of the Winter Shelter before they are admitted to the project. Occasionally, people are asked to leave if they have repeatedly broken rules or have refused to cooperate with our volunteers.

Are you a Christian organisation?

Inn Churches operates on Christian values, our volunteers’ first concern is personal integrity, caring relationships and supporting our guests. We are a non-discriminatory project assisting our guests regardless of race, gender, religion, age, caste or creed. We respect the cultures and religions of all the people we help. In order to achieve this, we ask that volunteers do not undertake discussions about faith unless specifically asked by our guests.

Who uses your service?

Most of our Winter Shelter guests have been living on the streets and sleeping rough. They come from many different backgrounds and have become homeless for a variety of reasons – relationship breakdown, job loss or bereavement have often played a significant part. Many struggle with alcohol and drug dependency. Our Storehouse Café is used by everybody.

I am rough sleeping. Can I get into Inn Churches?

If you are currently rough sleeping in Bradford please contact us or visit Bradford day Shelter. Our Winter Shelter operates for four months over the winter, but we may be able to assist all year round. If you are street homeless in Bradford you must first have an assessment with one of our referral agencies as our accommodation can only be accessed through a referral from an agency. If you are concerned about a rough sleeper in your area, please contact us and we’ll do our best to help, or refer on.

Can I volunteer for Inn Churches?

Yes please! The majority of our work which requires volunteers is our Winter Shelter, which operates for four months over the winter, however we welcome volunteers throughout the year in our Storehouse and Storehouse Café, as well as for one-off projects and activities.

Find out more about how you can get involved.

Can I donate food?

Yes you can – please see our donate page for details.

Can I donate clothing, footwear, bedding, toiletries or household supplies?

Yes you can – with some restrictions. Please see our donate page for details.

Please note that our warehouse, café and offices are restricted to visitors. More details