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New year, new start(er packs)

One of the services we run is to provide starter packs for individuals moving from the streets, from our Winter Shelter or from other temporary homeless hostels and accommodation, into their first tenancies.

Tenancies are usually unfurnished and people moving from the streets usually have very few possessions beyond the clothes they are wearing.

Our starter packs contain a basic ‘starter kit’ for daily life, and can include some or all of the following, subject to availability:

  • a duvet, pillow and bedding set
  • saucepans
  • a kettle
  • a few mugs, glasses, plates and bowls – enough to allow one or two family members or friends to visit
  • cutlery
  • kitchen knives, spoons and stirrers

A few of these items (duvets and kettles) we have to purchase new – for safety and hygiene reasons. However, we gladly accept donations of the other items – and every item we have donated is an item we don’t have to buy, which allows us to spend that money on the items we can’t take as donations.

So if this Christmas you’ve had new household or kitchen items, and need a home for the items they’re replacing, providing they’re still in good condition we’d love to give them a new home with somebody making a fresh start.

We’d love to have:

  • crockery (mugs, plates, bowls), glasses and cutlery
  • saucepans, frying pans, microwave dishes etc.
  • spoons, stirrers, graters, scissors, kitchen knives and other utensils
  • sheets and duvet covers (particularly singles and doubles) and pillowcases

All need to be clean, undamaged and in good condition, but they don’t need to match or be brand new.

We’re also very happy if you want to purchase and donate brand new duvets or kettles (in their original sealed packaging please).

Donations can be dropped off at our warehouse in BD4 during our opening hours.

Ps. The photo shows our starter pack shelves a couple of years ago – they’re very much emptier now!