Can you spare us a couple of hours?

The Healthy Holidays project runs over the school summer holidays, and is going to be one of our busiest times of the year. 

The project aims to help support local community groups and schools to keep children and young people well fed and occupied during the school holidays. Many children in Bradford, in the absence of free school meals, would not be fed during the day otherwise – which is proven to have a detrimental effect on their learning when they return to school.

Our tiny staff team relies on regular volunteers to keep the food collecting, sorting, storing and distributing process running in our warehouse. However, during the summer holidays we need additional volunteers to meet the demand – during our busiest weeks we will be supporting 20 different groups with over 1,000 meals.

Whether you can spare a couple of hours during one week, a regular half day for the whole six weeks, or anything in between, we’d love to hear from you.

Volunteer role details

Primarily we need people who can help in the warehouse, with tasks including:

  • assembling packed lunches
  • assisting with food collections and deliveries in the van
  • weighing and sorting donated food
  • assembling mini markets and other food to be collected

Hours to suit, 8am-4pm Mon-Thu and 8am-2pm Fri.

We also need a few people to help in the café, assisting in the preparation and serving of lunches (Tue-Thu only).We have these, and other volunteering opportunities, available all year round – visit our volunteering page for more information about volunteering opportunities.

How to apply

If you can offer any time, please contact Gary on or 01274 955010. He’ll have a quick chat with you about what you can offer, and then he’ll ask you to fill in a short online application form so we’ve got all of your details.

Please note that our warehouse, café and offices are restricted to visitors. More details